1. About us

As a young enterprise in Vietnam’s Information Technology industry, PeSoft Vietnam Software Vietnam (PeSoft Vietnam) is growing strongly with a passionate and united leaders team, enthusiastic and professional team members and a unique culture and core value. We are step by step demonstrating our position in mobile application, products for companies and outsourcing services, not only Vietnam market but also in the US or Europe market.

2. Our Visions

PeSoft Vietnam becomes a top IT company in Vietnam; reaching out to the region and the whole world; bring high quality products to customers; meet customers’ demand in their daily life, working or learning, entertainment or in manufacture and business.

3. Our Mission

Create highest value products to customers, which can help them to handle every problem and satisfy demands of a single person, a group, a family or a business.

4. Our working guidelines

PeSoft Vietnam is built based on the following basic values which make us unique and guide us in our operation:

  • Innovation: We always find out new opportunities and unique solution. We use our creative brain to search for surprise and feasible solutions to solve problems. Our experiment, technology and patient make us overcome challenges and bring back value to both us and our partners.

  • Trust: We trust, respect and support each other; we strive to win the trust of colleagues and partners. We learn and respect the culture in where we work. We appreciate and respect individual uniqueness, different points of view, and the talents.

  • Honesty: We are honest with others as well as with ourselves. In all business deals, we always meet the highest ethical standards. We do what we promised. We are responsible for our work and our actions.

5. Development Process

A quality and suitable process always creates high standard products. It will link all activities and elements together smoothly, and bring effective results.

  • Plan: Set a specific and aimed plan, and all actions are followed by the plan.

  • Design: Analyze, design, optimize data flows

  • Develop: Develop based on the plan and design

  • Release: Public products and maintain the product system as committed

6. What we can do for you

With PeSoft Vietnam, you can get products meeting the following demands:

  • Fast, Accurate

  • Optimal and Effective

  • Security and reliability.

  • Cost optimization.

7. Contact us

We support customers 24/24. If you want any support or advise, send us your information via our email address: